Home Stretch

OFPC is thrilled to see significant urban agriculture policy change finally making it to full City Council. Approval today (the first reading) means a BIG win for our community.
The proposed changes include:
– Removing the conditional use permit requirements from growing food across nearly all zones of Oakland (excludes industrial and open space zones)
– Allows on and off site sales of produce in expanded zones across Oakland without a conditional use permit
– Allows for up to three beehives by right in expanded zones across Oakland without a conditional use permit
We are not requesting any direct changes to this proposed policy but rather strongly recommending that full City Council adopt the changes.
We are at the home stretch for making big changes to enable the right to grow our food!
Following a recent Contra Costa Times article, OFPC would like to make sure it is clear that we have much thanks to give to Councilmembers McElhaney, Kaplan and Kalb for their leadership with Oakland Planning staff to draft the policy. We also thank them for their dedication in working with us to hear and respond to the community needs and concerns we’ve brought to them.

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