Welcome Wanda!


OFPC would like to extend a warm welcome to Wanda Stewart, the new Executive Director of People’s Grocery. We’ve had the great fortune of working closely with People’s Grocery since the inception of OFPC. We have grown and only become better through their amazing leaders. We encourage you to come out, celebrate and meet Wanda. They will be holding a People’s Party on Friday, February 27th at The California Hotel at 3501 San Pablo Ave, Oakland, CA. They will also have a Garden Event on February 28th, same location. So if you miss one, go to the other!

To learn a little about Wanda check out the video that Food First recently created:

OFPC February 2015 Meeting

Come join us at our next monthly meeting being held on the third Thursday of February!

When: 2/19/2015,  5:00PM-7PM

Where: 1000 Broadway Blvd, 5th fl, Rm B.

All meetings are open to the public.

Intersections of Structural Violence


There has been much current movement in the U.S. in response to police brutality toward people of color. The continuation of racial profiling, excessive force and murder strikes many of us to the core. It asks us to dig deeper and realize that if we mean to transform any system in the United States, whether is pertains to food, housing, economy or criminal justice, we need to be identifying the intersections of our work and unify around them. We need to join our work to strengthen it and we need to provide support to our communities of color so the powerful leadership that exists can step up, speak out and act.