Why We Serve on the Oakland Food Policy Council


“I served on OFPC to help [the Oakland legislature] realize that a healthy community is one that contributes most effectively to the historical greatness that Oakland is… and provide resources so that every Oakland family has an opportunity to contribute and thrive… My intention in joining OFPC was to be a part of something that really helped to make needed changes in these areas while sharing my particular expertise and passion about empowered urban farming as a tactic for self reliance.”
- Kanchan Dawn Hunter

Kanchan Dawn Hunter


“I care about ending hunger in Oakland and building a food system that works for everyone.” – Aaron Lehmer

Aaron Lehmer


“I joined the OFPC because of its explicit commitment to supporting just food economies. I grew up as a city kid, and I primarily experienced and understood food injustice from the consumer side. But, when I became an attorney for small, predominantly farmworker-owned farming co-ops, I saw a huge disconnect between the social justice issues facing communities where most of our food is grown and the communities where most of that food is consumed.

The OFPC was one of the only food policy councils in the State focused on creating a solidarity economy with respect to food. Further, Oakland has an amazing grassroots food justice movement, and OFPC’s commitment to supporting community-led efforts was (and probably still is) unique among policy councils. OFPC embraced policy advocacy in a really democratic manner that sought to lift stories from the ground and use those stories to inform the actions it took. I think that “ground-truthed” approach is light-years ahead of the curve.” – Camille Pannu



“I served on the OFPC to ensure that Oakland has a just, equitable, and sustainable local food system. I’m proud of the work of OFPC, especially in the context of the larger California Food Policy Council — we are definitely in a leadership position.” – Y. Armando Nieto

Armando Nieto Anti GMO Rally SF


Exploration With Art


Join OFPC in an artful exploration of food justice. Roll of your sleeves and envision a just Oakland.

When: August 9th, 2014, 10AM-4PM

Where: 975 85th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94621

RSVP to Esperanza at epallana@oaklandfood.org

Urban Ag Campaign Update: “Growing food is an act of power and of love”

The Oakland Food Policy Council recently mailed this image on a postcard to City of Oakland Councilmembers and Planning Commissioners to remind them that food is our culture and our right, and that should be self-evident.

We, the people of Oakland, OFPC Postcard Frontbelieve that we have the right to grow food without having to pay the City of Oakland.

Currently, the city is fast tracking development in Oakland, but putting up barriers to self-sufficiency in our vulnerable communities. We are asking the City to protect our right to feed ourselves.