Urban Ag Campaign Update: “Growing food is an act of power and of love”

The Oakland Food Policy Council recently mailed this image on a postcard to City of Oakland Councilmembers and Planning Commissioners to remind them that food is our culture and our right, and that should be self-evident.

We, the people of Oakland, OFPC Postcard Frontbelieve that we have the right to grow food without having to pay the City of Oakland.

Currently, the city is fast tracking development in Oakland, but putting up barriers to self-sufficiency in our vulnerable communities. We are asking the City to protect our right to feed ourselves.

The closest you may get to being Michelle Obama…


Mathematically speaking if A has property X and Property X is in group Y, then A is in group Y. So, Oakland Food Policy Council member, Navina Khanna, is a recent James Beard Foundation Award recipient; and past James Beard Foundation Award recipients include First Lady Michelle Obama, then OFPC members now hold the variable properties of First Lady Michelle Obama…which is super similar to Michelle Obama being like a member of OFPC… right?

Join OFPC and find out. Application deadline, August 4th, 2014.



Some current and previous James Beard Foundation Leadership Award Recipients shown above: Alice Waters, Michelle Obama, Wendell Berry, Marion Nestle, Michael Pollan, Mark Bittman, Ben Burkett and Navina Khanna (from Top Left to Right).

In the words of the James Beard Foundation President in a recent New York Times article, “We’re known for awarding the Oscars of the food world.” So, if you’re ready for the red carpet, join us!

OFPC Member Receives James Beard Award


A bighearted congratulations to Oakland Food Policy Council Member Navina Khanna, recipient of this year’s James Beard Foundation Leadership Award! These awards recognize visionaries across a broad range of backgrounds who influence how, why, and what we eat.

A Fellow with the Movement Strategy Center, Navina has been recognized for her work as a food justice activist organizing across communities for equitable and ecological food systems on local, regional, and national levels.

She is joined by award recipients Karen Washington, Ben Burkett, Michael Pollan and Mark Bittman. Past recipients of the James Beard Award include First Lady Michelle Obama, Marion Nestle and Alice Waters.

Big love to Navina for this huge honor! Thanks for your righteous work here in Oakland, and across the nation.