A Time to Celebrate


We’ve had much to celebrate over here at OFPC! Not only have we hustled our way into our fifth year as an organization with increased leadership but we had a big win this year. City Council supported Oaklanders in their right to feed themselves! Read more here. We brought in the fifth year with our supporters at Warehouse 416 while being graced by the sounds of DJ Leydis and Earth Amplified! Food First covered the event nicely here. We are looking forward to the coming year at OFPC. With many amazing members joining us, we expect a bountiful year.

Imagine A Food Secure Oakland

OFPC continues our work to access land for growing food by recommending Priority Conservation Areas that will provide climate protection and food space. We invite you to join an upcoming community gathering to share your ideas! Where can Oakland be more Green? Where should green infrastructure be planned for the health and sustainability of Oakland and our most vulnerable residents?

Place your Priority Conservation Areas on Oakland’s map. Help identify spaces that: help reduce greenhouse gases; encourage people to walk, ride, bike & skate; beautify and inspire; reduce urban heat island, flood risk, food insecurity, air pollution; provide recreation and open space, urban gardens & access to nature; protect areas of natural habitat/biodiversity … all while creating job opportunities for Oakland residents!

What: Community Mapping Session
When: Wednesday, November 19th, 2014, 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Where: 250 Frank Ogawa Plaza, 6th Floor “Planning Café”

For more information, Please contact OFPC Member, David Ralston, at 510-388-3391 or Email ecomerritt@yahoo.com.

Urban Ag Campaign Update: The Real Win


Last night’s City Council meeting proved successful! Our recommendations for expanded zones for growing food by right were well received and approved unanimously by City Council. While the policy proposal will go through one last step on November 18th, it is as good as done! However the real win has been the coming together of community, city staff, and decision makers to work collectively to make food a basic right in Oakland. In fact, not only food as a basic right but GROWING food a right, as well as sharing/selling it freely within our community. While OFPC has received much kudos for our work on this, we are only a few who reflect back the many that have been involved. This win is a clear example of how an activated public can create the policy solutions that meet our needs. I do not think for one second that this would have been possible through my work or OFPC’s work alone. This path has been forged by hundreds of advocates and supporters. From the die hards that have shown up at each and every City Council meeting, the staff out in the field cultivating change in Oakland, to the 450 signatories that responded in a narrow 48 hour window to inform the Planning Commission that they believe growing food is a right!

It has been a deeply inspiring journey. I look forward to the continued work.

Hooray us! Hooray Oakland!