Welcome New Council Director Shaniece Alexander!!

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I’m so excited to be joining Oakland Food Policy Council (OFPC) as Council Director. My greatest passion and professional focus has been in building practical opportunities with and for underrepresented communities. My direct service and policy advocacy experience has always been focused in social justice movements driven by my personal passion to heal any feelings of shame of families isolated in poverty, thinking their problems are their personal fault and not directly realizing that we are all trying to survive, if not thrive, in the context of oppressive systems. Whether it is homelessness, domestic violence, incarceration, gaps in education, barriers to sustainable employment or food justice, I am dedicated, I am activated, I am hopeful.
I bring my passion and strategic thinking to OFPC to carry forward the amazing work Esperanza undertook in her tenure as leader. I’m thrilled to bring an exciting future to fruition to OFPC. I’m joining OFPC after spending time as Director of Career Services at Youth UpRising in Oakland. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with city and state policy makers and develop and implement programming for youth and young adults throughout Alameda County. I come to OFPC with honed capacity for fostering leadership in community and addressing barriers to economic development. I’m originally from Oakland’s sister city Detroit, Michigan and relocated to Oakland from Chicago, Illinois, where I was directing an economic development program at Growing Home, Inc.
I believe deeply that the most effective approach toward systemic change includes a combination of deep cultural work, strategic thinking, policy change, legislative and community advocacy and creating opportunities for community leaders to take charge. OFPC plays an important role in addressing the systemic barriers to an equitable food system and I’m committed to discovering new ways OFPC can work with and support the Oakland Community at large, especially to those living the reality of food injustice.
I’m grateful to work with an organization that identifies the power of community as a key tool toward encouraging community health and sustainability and am excited about the amazing work to come.
– Shaniece Alexander, Council Director

Join us May 3rd 2016!!


Come out to the city council meeting and voice your support!! OFPC is among the many endorsers.

Oakland Sugar Sweetened Beverage Distributor Tax to be voted on at May 3 City Council Meeting, 6:30pm 


On May 3rd, the Oakland City Council will vote to place a sugar sweetened beverages distributor tax on the November ballot, to discourage the consumption of sugary drinks, and to raise funds for programs that counteract the poor health impacts caused by overconsumption of sugar.  While there is strong City Council support for this measure, we anticipate industry opposition, and the council needs to hear from the Oakland Community. 


Tell the Council to let the people decide and to place this important tax measure on the ballot.  Let’s put children’s health in front of corporate profits. 

What: Oakland City Council Vote on Oakland Sugar Sweetened Beverage Distributor Tax, meeting details, Agenda item #12

When: May 3rd, 2016, 6:30PM


Where: Oakland City Hall, Frank Ogawa Plaza, City Council Chamber, 3rd Floor


Over half of all Alameda County residents are now pre-diabetic, or diabetic, according to a new University of California Los Angeles study. And one in two Latino and Black children born since 2000 are projected to develop diabetes.  We can’t let that happen!  Soda and other sugary drinks are the number one source of added sugar in the American diet and are linked to the risk of diabetes and other diseases like heart and liver disease, obesity and tooth decay. 


OFPC encourages you to join the Coalition for Healthy Oakland Children – a broad group of public health professionals, elected officials, parents, faith and community leaders and residents coming together to pass a once cent per ounce excise tax on the distributors of sugar sweetened beverages.  We need your voice!! 


For more information visit: www.yes4healthyoaklandchildren.com

Support Oakland’s Sugar Sweetened Beverage Tax!!


Mark David Morales 1969-2016

Oakland Food Policy Council extends its deepest condolences to our director for the recent loss of her brother due to complications related to Diabetes. We work hard at OFPC to turn the tide on preventable diet related diseases by changing policies that drive a corrupt food system. For this reason, we urge you to join us to voice your support for a Sugar Sweetened Beverage Tax on April 7th at the Rules & Legislation Committee of the Oakland City Council.


Our broad coalition of elected officials, faith, health and community leaders are bringing legislation forward to add a Sugar Sweetened Beverage Distributor Tax to the November ballot in Oakland. This legislation will be discussed at the April 7th Rules & Leg Committee, which starts at 10:45am. Sign up to speak here (We are item #15): http://www2.oaklandnet.com/Government/o/CityCouncil/s/SpeakCouncilMeeting/index.htm

If you can’t be there in person, please call or write to your City Council representative to show your support for placing the Sugar Sweetened Beverage Tax on the November ballot. A list of the council members is here: http://www2.oaklandnet.com/Government/o/CityCouncil/index.htm


Email addresses:

District 1 — Dan Kalb — dkalb@oaklandnet.com

District 2 — Abel Guillen — aguillen@oaklandnet.com

District 3 — Lynette McElhaney — lmcelhaney@oaklandnet.com

District 4 — Annie Washington — ACampbellWashington@oaklandnet.com

District 5 — Noel Gallo – ngallo@oaklandnet.com

District 6 — Desley Brooks – dbrooks@oaklandnet.com

District 7 — Larry Reid – lreid@oaklandnet.com

At-large — Rebecca Kaplan — atlarge@oaklandnet.com