Things To Know Before Launching a Food Truck


Food trucks, bike pop-us, push carts and other mobile food  have a strong appeal to folks who have limited capital to start a food business. A recent online article covers 50 things you want to know BEFORE launching a business. The main points- understanding and accessing the permits required is very burdensome, the cost of all required permits upfront is a significant barriers, and the maintenance of the chosen vehicle gets overlooked until something goes amiss. Read the article here.

In November 2014, OFPC released The Hustle Guide to assist with information access in Oakland. We hope to work with the city to further make information accessible and reduce some of the cost barriers to running a legitimate low capital food start up.

Powerful Voices

Council Direct at OFPC, Esperanza Pallana, had the great fortune of being featured amongst some powerful Bay Area voices in recognition of International Woman’s Day 2015!

Take a listen to this two hour segment on food justice in the East Bay. The first hour features Kanchan Dawn Hunter of Spiral Gardens and Doria Robinson of Urban Tilth. The second hour features former Black Panther, Elaine Brown, Kelly Carlisle of Acta Non Verba Urban Youth Farm (who had dinner with President Obama) and Esperanza:

Thank you Joy Moore, amazing woman and radio DJ at KPFA!! 

Welcome Wanda!


OFPC would like to extend a warm welcome to Wanda Stewart, the new Executive Director of People’s Grocery. We’ve had the great fortune of working closely with People’s Grocery since the inception of OFPC. We have grown and only become better through their amazing leaders. We encourage you to come out, celebrate and meet Wanda. They will be holding a People’s Party on Friday, February 27th at The California Hotel at 3501 San Pablo Ave, Oakland, CA. They will also have a Garden Event on February 28th, same location. So if you miss one, go to the other!

To learn a little about Wanda check out the video that Food First recently created: