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OFPC Membership Requirements

The Oakland Food Policy Council selects representatives of all sectors of the food system, to ensure that our 21 members represent the following “working communities:”

  • Business Community
  • Labor Representatives
  • Community Organizations, Residents, and Youth
  • Rural and Regional Organizations
  • Health and Education Organizations
  • Local Governance

OFPC members participate in ten council meetings each year (on the third Thursday of every month, 5PM-7PM, except November and December). Each OFPC members serves on both a policy work group. Learn more here. Members interested in strategic leadership are encouraged to chair workgroups, which then makes them a member of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets once monthly (second Wednesday of each month) to guide the work of the Council Director and full council.

OFPC meeting attendance is required 80% of the time. There will be additional assignments and/or meetings outside of regularly scheduled OFPC meetings.

As a member, we ask that you meet the following:

  1. Oakland residence and/or employment in Oakland, or in the case of regional/rural organizations, strong interest/investment in the Oakland food system.
  2. Attendance at 80% of monthly meetings, plus a strong commitment to work between meetings.
  3. Commitment to transforming the Oakland food system into an equitable and sustainable system.
  4. Representation of one of the five food system sectors (production, processing, distribution, consumption, waste management) and one of the following “working communities”: a. Business Community; b. Labor Representatives; c. Community Organizations and Residents; d. Rural and Regional Organizations; e. Health and Education Organizations; f. Local Governance
  5. Respect for the complexity and sensitivity of the OFPC’s work with diverse partners, and appreciation for the need for personal and group skills in diversity management, problem-solving, decision making, and “getting to yes”.
  6. Commitment to reaching out to a wide variety of people and entities within your “working community” to ensure you understand their needs and what they have to offer.
  7. Commitment to working in the public interest. Members serves a individuals. OFPC members are expected to bring certain expertise to the table for the benefit of the Oakland food system, rather than to directly represent any organizations they may be affiliated with.

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