Government & Community Liaison

Strengthen Community-Government Links Build relationships between residents, community leaders, and key government representatives to facilitate resolution of food system issues. NEEDS & OPPORTUNITIES A wide range of organizations in Oakland are working to build a stable local/regional food system that … read more

Scaling Up

Scale Up Local Purchasing Scale up purchasing from local producers, and formalize the collaborations between and aggregation of small farmers. NEEDS & OPPORTUNITIES The exposure to hazards and labor practices is a state-wide issue. Aiming to help aggregate small farmers … read more

No Pesticides or GMOs

Synthetic Pesticides and GMO-Production Free Zones Build upon the GMO-ban successes of Marin, Trinity, and Mendocino Counties to inform Alameda County-wide policies on pesticide and GMO-free zones. NEEDS & OPPORTUNITIES Public awareness of the detriments of pesticide use and the … read more

Mobile Food Vending

Encourage Healthy Mobile Food Vending Expand mobile vending regulations to include additional areas of Oakland and encourage fresh food vending. NEEDS & OPPORTUNITIES Mobile Food Vending is regulated by Title 8.09 of the City of Oakland Municipal Code. The Code … read more

Fresh Food Financing

Develop a Fresh Food Financing Initiative Develop a “Fresh Food Financing Initiative” (FFFI) that will provide financing, technical assistance, and location assistance to new food enterprises in underserved communities. NEEDS & OPPORTUNITIES The City of Oakland faces disparities in access … read more

Recycling and Composting

Expand Composting and The Food Scrap Recycling and Reuse Economy Develop a City-wide waste management contract that expands composting and food scrap recycling. NEEDS & OPPORTUNITIES The City of Oakland’s waste management contract with Waste Management of Alameda County (WMAC) … read more

Environmental Purchasing Policy

Develop “Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Protocols” Partner with the City of Oakland to develop and implement new request for proposal (RFP) standards and language prioritizing and outlining “Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Protocols” (EPP) and nutrition standards for all City food contracts, phased … read more

Farmer’s Market Food Assistance

Promote Use of Food Assistance Programs at Farmer’s Markets Promote use and acceptance of food assistance program benefits at farmers’ markets NEEDS & OPPORTUNITIES While many low-income residents do not purchase goods at farmers’ markets due to perceived and actual … read more

Accessible Farmer’s Markets

Encourage Accessible and Affordable Farmer’s Markets Create zoning definitions and operating standards for farmers’ markets. OPPORTUNITIES Farmers’ markets are a form of “direct marketing” where producers sell directly to consumers, reducing the food markup from distributors and retailers, and creating … read more

Urban Agriculture

Protect and Expand Urban Agriculture Create zoning definitions and operating standards for both civic and commercial urban agriculture. NEEDS & OPPORTUNITIES Interest in urban agriculture (UA) is spreading rapidly as more Oaklanders recognize its potential contributions to a healthy, vibrant … read more