Food Policy Council Tools

Lessons Learned: This report is an assessment based on an extensive literature review and testimony from 48 individual interviews with the people most involved in Food Policy Councils around the nation.

Terms of Reference: This document describe the purpose, structure, and organizational processes of OFPC.

OFPC Selection Process: The process used by the initial OFPC Development Team to seat the council and subsequent process.

Member Requirements: An example of what OFPC expects of member participation.

General Application 2012: A sample of the 2012 General Application form.

Roberts Rules of Order: The process used by OFPC to organize and run meetings.

OFPC Member Oath: An example of the member oath taken when new members join OFPC.

Decision Making Structures: An example of the key aspects of various decision making structures.

Webinars featured on the California Food Policy Council website to support FPCs nationally.