Who We Are

The People of Oakland Food Policy Council

We are a Council first, created and dedicated to the intention of all gatherings of people- to problem solve, act and celebrate. Food is our focus, policy is our tool but we are nothing if not a gathering toward collective power of the community.

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As a 21-seat volunteer council, we works to establish an equitable and sustainable food system. We work with  diverse constituencies and across different food system sectors to create a healthy and resilient local and regional food system. We aim to make a healthy, local food system a top priority in our city and engage in state and national action for food policy reform. We carry out research, foster collaboration and engage in collective advocacy for our priority policy initiatives: economic security & development; food access; local and sustainable food procurement; and urban agriculture.



The impetus for OFPC came from Mayor Jerry Brown’s Office of Sustainability commissioned report, the Oakland Food System Assessment, a study to evaluate each element of the food system in Oakland, and to provide key baseline information on the various activities that represent it. The report recommended the creation of an Oakland based food policy council which the Oakland City Council Life Enrichment Committee approved and supported through seed funding and a contractual agreement with Food First, the incubating agency, that would work with the founding members of OFPC to bring the council to life. Under the guidance of Food First, OFPC seated the first council members in 2009. Since that time, the council has appreciated the talent of over 50 members and numerous intern volunteers that support our work. We are now the proud fiscal project of Earth Island Institute. This amicable transition is celebrated by OFPC and Food First as it is a mark of success in launching and fostering OFPC into its next era of growth.


Oakland Food Policy Council works to establish an equitable and sustainable food system.