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Bay Area Professors Write ‘Decolonial’ Mexican Cookbook to Reclaim the Traditional Foods of Their Ancestors | OFPC

By Luke Tsai, What The Fork, East Bay Express Photo of authors by Miki Vargas On Sunday afternoon, during Día de los Muertos, the Impact Hub event space in Uptown Oakland was packed to the brim with social justice activists and Slow Food types who had gathered to celebrate Decolonize Your Diet, a new Mexican-American cookbook …

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Topic 2: Food as Part of Our Identity | OFPC

TRAINING DAY 2 :           Food as Part of Our Identity Purpose:                To create awareness of the food and beverage industry’s influences on food choices, its targeting of communities of color, and the role of government in encouraging or restricting these practices. Objective:            Participants will: Understand how food influences and shapes our identity. Have a greater …

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Topic 4: Food Miles | OFPC

TRAINING Day 4:             Food Miles Purpose:         Participants will compare and contrast conventional distribution systems and alternative methods. Objective:       Participants will: Learn about how far products travel before they can use conventional distribution systems Understand what is locally grown food Compare and contrast conventional distribution systems and alternative methods Materials:       Flip Chart Markers Paper Map …

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Community | OFPC OFPC is a council first, created and dedicated to the intention of all gatherings of the community to problem solve, act and celebrate. Food is our focus and policy is our tool but we are nothing if not a gathering of the community first. That said, in our role …

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Food Access | OFPC

The Healthy Food Access workgroup decreases the barriers to food access, including physical barriers (proximity of food), economic barriers (affordability of food), and educational barriers (knowledge of how to prepare food). CURRENT ACTION Developing recommendations for how the City of Oakland can increase eligible residents’ knowledge of and access to nutrition safety-net programs such as …

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Policy initiatives | OFPC

To carry out the below listed goals, OFPC prioritizes action in four policy areas: Economic Security & Development; Food Access; Local & Sustainable Food Procurement; and Urban Agriculture. OUR GOALS ARE Increase food security in Oakland. We will work to ensure that no Oakland resident experiences hunger. Build greater public health in Oakland. We will support the development of …

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Media | OFPC

Press Contact: Esperanza Pallana Oakland Food Policy Council works to establish an equitable and sustainable food system. Learn more by reading our press releases and publications, as well as news articles about our work. Press Releases and Statements:  The most recent news, announcements and position statements from Oakland Food Policy Council.

Topic 3: We Are What We Eat | OFPC

TRAINING Day 3                We Are What We Eat Purpose:             Get participants thinking about how food production affects both our individual health and that of our ecosystem Objective:          Participants will Learn about our ecosystem and why it is important to maintain Identify some differences between conventional and sustainable agriculture Identify at least 3 agriculture health-related …

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Raise money | OFPC

There are several easy ways to support the OFPC! First and foremost make a donation! Click on the Donate button and invest in a more equitable and sustainable food system here in Oakland by making the work of the OFPC possible! You can even have your own personalized fundraising page online and help OFPC do their work with your …

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