Raise money | OFPC

There are several easy ways to support the OFPC!

First and foremost make a donation! Click on the Donate button and invest in a more equitable and sustainable food system here in Oakland by making the work of the OFPC possible! You can even have your own personalized fundraising page online and help OFPC do their work with your support.

Challenge events are a great way to get fit and support an equitable and sustainable food system. So get out there and push yourself to your limit, climb a mountain, swim an ocean, cycle the world and support OFPC in transforming the food system. OFPC is a proud team of the annual Oakland Marathon. So stay in touch and join our Run for Food Justice Team in 2014.


There are endless ways to gather friends support important work. Host a dinner sourced with hyper local ingredients from your own or other backyard farms. Other ideas…try Movie Night. Host a food movie night and charge an entrance fee.

We’re fans of Game Night, especially when they game is themed around learning about the food system , but any game will work. Clue anyone?


Are you and your friends talented? What the heck, even if the answer is no, hold a Variety Show. Here is an opportunity to play with your food and sing, spin plates, balance in weird poses, and entertain with puppetry.

Try a Story Slam. Be brave and gather friends, family, neighbors, strangers and let them be the judge of a good story. You pick a theme and invite other brave souls to share a 5 minute story on that theme. Don’t forget to have prizes!

And of course, there are a multitude of creative sales that can be held, Bake Sale, Art Sale, Yard Sale. Go forth and have fun with it! We welcome support for our specific projects that are being implemented by the OFPC workgroups.


Sponsor a third party event! Do you own a restaurant, food business or other local fun and tasty endeavor? An excellent way to support food justice is by sponsoring an OFPC event at your spot and donate all or a percent of the proceeds to OFPC.

Whatever you choose, help spread the word and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Your tax-deductible donation to the Oakland Food Policy Council will help make healthy food available and accessible to every Oakland resident; build a healthy local economy; cultivate a healthy environment; and educate residents so they are equipped to make healthy choices about food and the food system Support from the community is essential as the OFPC grounds its success in the engagement and contributions of Oakland community members.