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February 2016

Oakland Food Policy Council Wins Taste Award

December 2015

Earth Island Journal

Wine Soul Train: Rumbling Past Food System Biases

November 2015

Edible East Bay

The Wine Soul Train

East Bay Express

Bay Area Professors Write ‘Decolonial’ Mexican Cookbook to Reclaim the Traditional Foods of Their Ancestors

The Pioneer

East Bay professor promotes indigenous recipes

October 2015

SF Weekly

Local Cookbook Authors Teach You How to “Decolonize Your Diet”

Silicon Valley One World

Bay Area Professors’ Latin American Cookbook Tops Amazon Sales

KQED Foods

Race, Money, Food: Talking to The Oakland Food Policy Council


More Than Red and White in Napa — Black and Brown as Well


Napa Wine Soul Train Highlights Black and Latino Businesses in Wine Country

September 2015

Mercury News

The anti-Napa Valley Wine Train

North Oakland

Food Truck Owners Grapple with City Restrictions

NBC News

‘Wine Soul Train’ Offers Tours of Black- and Latino-Owned Wineries and Vineyards #LaughingWhileBlack Following Backlash

East Bay Express

A Tour of Black- and Latino-Owned Wineries Offers Antidote to an #LaughingWhileBlack

August 2015


West Oakland to Property Prices Threaten Food Activist’s Dream

March 2015

KPFA International Women’s Day Radio Interview

January 2015


Who Fuels Your Food Truck?

December 2014

In SF Gate (by Oakland North)

Edible gardens will grow in Oakland after permit approvals  ( Click for full article in Oakland North )

Contra Costa Times

Guest Commentary: Oakland Took a giant step for food security, but much is left to be done

(By Lauren Heumann, Oakland Tribune)

November 2014


New Agriculture Policy Changes May Make it Easier to Start an Urban Farm in Oakland

East Bay Express

Food Policy Report Gives CA Legislators to Mixed Review

The Daily Meal

10 Cities Leading the Conversation on Sustainable Eating

Contra Costa Times

Gone Tubin ‘: Community farms get boost from planning panel

October 2014

San Francisco Chronicle

Plowing to Oakland Path for Urban Farming on Vacant Lots

September 2014

Local Oakland

Oakland Street Food: The Paths to Legitimacy

June 2014

East Bay Express

Confusion Reigns Over Urban Gardens Oakland 

The Eastern Shore Radio Show

Urban Agriculture & Food Policy

May 2014

Oakland Magazine

Slow Oakland on Urban-Ag Incentive Front

November 2013

San Francisco Chronicle

Bill would help plot to grow food on Oakland lots

April 2013

East Bay Express

The Rules of Husbandry

January 2013

East Bay Express

City Slicker Farms Breaks Ground On New Urban Park and Farm

September 2012

East Bay Express

‘Berkeley Kitchens’ Take Shape in Historic West Berkeley Building

East Bay Express


North Oakland

Oakland Food Policy Council fights for access, an equitable food system

Local Oakland

Feet with a permit: The California Homemade Food Act heads to the vote

February 2012

Oakland Tribune

Oakland Local AIMS to rebuild the food system one farm at a time

December 2011

East Bay Express

Oakland City Council Approves Food Truck Policy

Local Oakland

New mobile vending proposal Could create “food pods” THROUGHOUT Oakland

Local Oakland

In Oakland, livestock mixed feeling About

October 2011

Local Oakland

California Endowment Oaklander names Jennifer Lebarre health hero

Local Oakland

New CA Financing Initiative to Increase access to healthy food in Oakland
CBS Channel 5 News

Bay Area Urban Farmers Raising Animals for Slaughter

Huffington Post Urban farming spreads THROUGHOUT bay area

Sacramento Bee

Should Oakland’s backyard farmers raise and kill animals for food?

East Bay Express Blog

Urban Farming Is No Longer a Crime

San Francisco Chronicle

Oakland Allows urban farmers to sell produce

KQED Radio

Fees EASE Oakland on Urban Farmers

Los Angeles Times

More home-grown Businesses Oakland expected under ordinance

North Oakland

Oakland Urban Livestock Reports explores Impacts of raising animals on farms city

Video: http://vimeo.com/29985181

KQED Radio

Oakland Makes it Easier to Grow, Sell Produce

Local Oakland

Oakland to Legalize Home-Grown Produce

September 2011

Local Oakland

Healthy Foods Could bill bring more grocery stores and farmers’ markets to East and West Oakland

Cal Alumni Association

Good Grub and Justice-For-All

Basil Talk Radio

August 2011

Oakland Tribune

Update city zoning laws to aid urban agriculture

Edible East Bay

Oakland Contemplates a “Bill of Rights” for Urban Farmers

July 2011

Los Angeles Times

Across the Bay Area, urban farming is in season

Republished in  Seattle Times

Republished in  Times Colonist (Victoria, British Columbia)

East Bay Express

OMFG! There’s a New Promoter Street Food in Town

Local Oakland

Planning for urban farming – Oakland holds public brainstorming

KTVU: Channel 2

OAKLAND: Urban Farming Could Get Some Ground Rules

North Oakland

At planning meeting, the discussion over urban Oaklanders Animal Husbandry: Coverage of Oakland’s first community meeting on urban agriculture

Local Oakland

Help Oakland ITS urban agriculture policy review
East Bay Express Oakland Takes First Step Toward Embracing Urban Agriculture


Oakland Farming Sprouting New Laws: Coverage of Oakland’s Effort to update urban agriculture zoning laws

June  2011
Oakland North

Planning commission votes to ease restrictions on selling backyard produce

San Francisco Chronicle: Home & Garden Section

Meet the farmer next door

May 2011

San Francisco Chronicle

Oakland urban farming prompts plan to redo rules, Zoning overhaul would include selling produce, livestock raising

April 2011

North Coast Journal

Food First! A conversation with Eric Holt-Giménez

Local Oakland

Oakland food truck discussion rages at City Hall

Center for Urban Education About Sustainable Agriculture

Cultivation Meets Regulation: Bay Area Urban Agriculture

Local Oakland

Oakland regrowing Food: The Future of Urban Food

Local Oakland

Urban Farmer Novella Carpenter ‘busted’ by City of Oakland – for chard?

San Francisco Chronicle

Novella Carpenter could use a hand, Oakland

March  2011

North Oakland

Iconic urban farm at risk of late city

July 2010

Local Oakland

Oakland Planning Commission Considers Adding a Health Element to City’s General Plan

Local Oakland

Growing Food on City Land: Challenging, but not impossible

Food Ethics Magazine

Food Policy Councils: A model of the future?

May 2010

Local Oakland

Food First: Ending “food deserts” and creating change

March 2010

Local Oakland

Better food for all: Oakland Food Policy Council plans 2010 programs

February 2010

North Oakland

Oakland Food Policy Council plants seeds for a fall harvest

November 2009

Local Oakland

Community News: New Report Reveals Potential for Food Production on Oakland’s Public Land

October 2009

Local Oakland

Community Feedback on Oakland Food Policy Council

Local Oakland

New Oakland Food Policy Council Sets Course for Better Food Access, Social Change

Edible East Bay

Creating a common table

July  2009

Oakland Tribune

Mayor wants to help Oakland food system

Food First

The Oakland Food Policy Council is Off to a Good Start

May 2007

East Bay Express

Oakland Food Policy Council Wants To Go Micro-Local

Edible East Bay

Oakland Looks Toward Greener Pastures